Louis Zukofsky: Building a Poetics of Translation

Sarah Ponichtera

How the poet Louis Zukofsky constructed his English-language American modernism by citing, translating, and adapting the Yiddish poetry of Yehoash.


Yehoash’s Scroll: A Calligraphed Megiles Ester

Shifra Epstein

In honor of Purim, a fine calligraphed scroll of Yehoash's translation into Yiddish of the Book of Esther, completed by the poet's daughter Chava.


A Peacock's Dream: Introducing In geveb

Eitan Kensky and Saul Noam Zaritt

Welcome to In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies, the online home for Yiddish Studies. In geveb aims to be a central address for the study of all things Yiddish—the focal point for discussions of Yiddish literature, language, and culture, and 
the home for the next generation of Yiddish scholarship.

Texts & Translation

וועגן דעם ווערט פֿון איבערזעצונגען

On the Worth of Translations

Chaim Zhitlowsky

Translation by Joshua Price

In this 1910 essay, Chaim Zhitlowsky examines how the translation of works of world literature into Yiddish can be a way to establish Yiddish as a kultur-shprakh, a language as modern and expressive as European languages.