“Translation Forum”


Embracing Ambiguity: Reflections on Translating Yiddish

Anita Norich

Professor Anita Norich concludes our series of reflections on Translating Yiddish in the twenty-first century by reconsidering our relationship to ambiguity in translation. 


Translating the Iceberg: Reflections on the Possibilities of In geveb’s Texts & Translations Section

Madeleine Cohen

In geveb's Managing Editor for Translations reflects on the need and possibilities for translating the archives of Yiddish culture, in addition to the greats of its literature. 


Translation from Yiddish: Whys and Wherefores

Zackary Sholem Berger

Zackary Sholem Berger reflects upon the roundtable discussion at AJS last December that inspired this series, and on his own motivations as a translator from Yiddish and a writer in English and Yiddish. 


The Problem of Materiality in Yiddish Translation

Sarah Ponichtera

In the second essay in our series of reflections on translating Yiddish in the twenty-first century, Sarah Ponichtera thinks about how we can bring a sense of materiality to our translations. 


Precarious Chains: Reflections on Translating Yiddish

Saul Noam Zaritt

Chief Editor Saul Noam Zaritt introduces our series of essays reflecting on the state of Yiddish translation.