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New translations into English of Yiddish language materials including poetry, stories, essays, and archival materials of all kinds. Original Yiddish texts are presented in a standardized orthography and are fully searchable.

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דער גורל פֿון אונדזערע ייִדישיסטישע שולן

The Fate of Our Yiddishist Schools (Part 1)

Solomon Simon

Translation by David Forman

Solomon Simon’s insider’s view of the crisis in the Yiddish schools following World War II.

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ייִדישע קינסטלער אין דער הײַנטיקער רוסישער קונסט

Jewish Artists in Contemporary Russian Art

Henryk Berlewi

Translation by Rachel Field

Henryk Berlewi’s 1922 essay on Jewish art in Russia, published in Milgroym.

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אַ טאַנץ

A Dance

Fradel Shtok

Translation by Sonia Gollance

A sweatshop worker finds temporary respite from reality at a relative’s wedding.

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Jacob Glatstein

Translation by Hershl Hartman

A standalone poem by Jacob Glatstein

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נישגוט־לאַפּיטוט האָט פֿאַרלױרן דעם מוט

Goblin Nogood Has Run Out of Clout

Jacob Glatstein

Translation by Jeffrey Shandler

A new translation of Jacob Glatstein’s powerful and playful 1943 children’s poem.

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צװיי לידער

Two Poems

Itzik Manger

Translation by Murray Citron

”I’ll Take Off My Shoes” and “Abraham Our Father Takes Isaac to the Sacrifice” by Itzik Manger.

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Taytsh-Rope Walking: The Occupational Hazards of Yiddish Translation

Daniel Kennedy

In an effort to pool the collective wisdom of its readership In geveb regularly conducts polls on various topics. This time we have asked the translators to weigh in.

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די ייִדישע יוניאָנס אין אַמעריקע

The Jewish Unions in America

Bernard Weinstein

Translation by Maurice Wolfthal

Bernard Weinstein’s memoir recounting the history of Jewish labor unions in the United States.

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מײַן שטעטל קאָצק

Kock, My Town

Motl Siemiatycki

Translation by Helen Mintz

Motl Siemiatycki’s Memoirs from the Kock Yizkor book.

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ביאָגראַפֿיע פֿון "אחד הרבנים המרגישים"

Biography of “One of the Sensitive Rabbis” (Part 3)

Aaron Shmuel Tamares

Translation by Ri J. Turner

The third part of an autobiographical essay of Rabbi Aaron Shmuel Tamares, AKA “One of the Sensitive Rabbis”