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New translations into English of Yiddish language materials including poetry, stories, essays, and archival materials of all kinds. Original Yiddish texts are presented in a standardized orthography and are fully searchable.

Texts & Translation

An Excerpt from Mississippi

An excerpt from Leyb Malakh’s Yid­dish-lan­guage play enti­tled Mis­sis­sip­pi, which was writ­ten and per­formed for the first time in War­saw in 1935.

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Selections from Neger-Dikhtung in Amerike (Negro-Poetry in America)

Eli Rosen­blatt intro­duces three poems by African Amer­i­can women poets of the Harlem Renais­sance, trans­lat­ed into Yid­dish by Robert Magid­off for the 1936 anthol­o­gy Neger-Dikhtung in Amer­i­ca (Negro-Poet­ry in Amer­i­ca), pub­lished in Moscow.

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A Lynching

The grit­ty, and con­tro­ver­sial 1920s account of a lynch­ing by Joseph Opatoshu.

Texts & Translation

די שקלאַפֿערײַ אָדער די לײַב־אייגנשאַפֿט

Slavery or Serfdom

Dik’s intro­duc­tion to his 1868 trans­la­tion of Har­ri­et Beech­er Stowe’s nov­el, Uncle Tom’s Cab­in.