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When the Stakes Were High and the Odds Were Low: On seeking publication and combing the archive

Shoshana Olidort

On taking revenge against negligent editors in the archive.


“What a ‘Medina’ is Amerikay”: Postvernacular Yiddish in Nineteenth-Century America

Shari Rabin

In mid-nineteenth century America, early use of postvernacular Yiddish helped Jews locate themselves in the culture.


"Are We Normal?": Mail from Isaac Bashevis Singer's Fans

Danielle Winter

A librarian discovers that Isaac Bashevis Singer’s fans wrote letters as compelling as the novels they loved.


Jews in the Archives: A Conversation with Gennady Estraikh

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Gennady Estraikh speaks with Managing Editor Sarah Ellen Zarrow about the groundbreaking project “A Comprehensive History of the Jews of the Soviet Union,” a seven-year initiative led by researchers in NYU’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies.


"Eight Volumes in Dour Maroon": Josh Fogel on Translating the Leksikon

Madeleine Cohen and Diana Clarke

The Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur, which is full of hard-to-find biographical and bibliographical information about Yiddish writers, is tough to access outside institutions or from the far side of a paywall. By methodically translating and posting entries from the Leksikon online, Josh Fogel is working to change that.


Second Avenue Meets Broadway: New York’s Yiddish Theater at MCNY

Saul Noam Zaritt

An interview with Stefanie Halpern, assistant curator of the current exhibition on New York’s Yiddish Theater at the Museum of the City of New York.


Yehoash’s Scroll: A Calligraphed Megiles Ester

Shifra Epstein

In honor of Purim, a fine calligraphed scroll of Yehoash’s translation into Yiddish of the Book of Esther, completed by the poet’s daughter Chava.


A Hasid Turns Modern: A YIVO Autobiography, Conclusion

Rose Waldman

The fifth and final post in an investigation of an autobiography found in the YIVO archives from 1930s Poland: why do we need to read these autobiographies today?


A Hasid Turns Modern: A YIVO Autobiography, Part 4

Rose Waldman

The fourth in a series of five posts about an autobiography found in the YIVO archives from 1930s Poland: suicide and the modern library of a maskil.