Call for Submissions: Briv funem Arkhiv

The Editors

In geveb is starting a new series on our blog to highlight those amazing archival finds that don’t quite fit in your research project or an in-depth blog post, but are too good not to share. Did you stumble on a fascinating exchange or anecdote while digging through correspondence? Did you find a gem of a political cartoon or newspaper ad? Tell us (and our readers) about it!

To submit your briv funem arkhiv (letter(s) from the archive 1 1 Our thanks to Contingent Magazine’s “Research Postcards” section for inspiring this name! ), email the following to [email protected] with “briv” in the subject line:

  • A photo, audio file, or video of your find
  • Your source (e.g. YIVO Archive for Jewish Research, Malka Lee papers, box 5)
  • Translation or summary of the item
  • A few paragraphs about why you think this is an interesting find. Is there a story about how you came across it? What is surprising or unusual here? (If you find you’ve got more to say than 2-3 paragraphs, why not pitch it as a full blog post?)
  • Information about permissions for publishing this material

There is no honorarium for this series.

Editors, The. “Call for Submissions: Briv funem Arkhiv.” In geveb, September 2019:
Editors, The. “Call for Submissions: Briv funem Arkhiv.” In geveb (September 2019): Accessed Apr 20, 2024.


The Editors