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The Bund by the Numbers: The Ebbs and Flows of a Jewish Radical Party

Joshua Meyers

The Jewish Labor Bund was a major force in Russian Jewish life, expanding the political arena to be more democratic in nature and driving the creation of a new political and economic discourse in Yiddish. So I was shocked to learn that in 1910, the Bund had a mere 609 members—down from approximately 35,000 five years earlier. The speed with which the Bund and other Jewish political parties in the Russian Empire could rise, fall, and rise again reflects the pressures the community was under, resulting in both sober caution and daring, desperate dreams.


Listening to Sylvia’s Children: A response to Briv funem Arkhiv: Letter from Sylvia Schneiderman to Itche Goldberg

Amye Rubinschneider

Amye Rubinschneider interviews her mother and aunt in response to Josie Naron’s blog post about a letter from their mother, Rubinschneider’s grandmother, a teacher fired during the Red Scare.


The Promise and Peril of Digital Research in Yiddish: An Interview with Gerben Zaagsma

Elena Hoffenberg

Elena Hoffernberg interviews Gerben Zaagsma about his path to studying Yiddish in the Spanish Civil War; the potency and the frustrations of digital research; and the future of digital studies and Yiddish.


Communicating Jewish History in Poland Today

Madeleine Cohen

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews was decades in the making and now tells the thousand year history of Polish Jews in the old heart of Jewish Warsaw.


Amerike – The Golden Land is Yiddish in Form, Nationalist in Content

Tova Benjamin

Tova Benjamin on seeking authenticity at the theater.