Reflections on the teaching and learning of Yiddish, as well as downloadable guides, exercises, and lesson plans to use in the classroom.


Call for Pedagogy Submissions: Class in the Classroom

The Editors

A call for pedagogy posts on teaching about historical and present-day issues of class and labor.


Beyond Fiddler: Teaching Representations of Jewish Eastern Europe on Film

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Zarrow discusses and reflects on her course “Representing Jewish Eastern Europe in Film” in which she asks students to think historically about the images of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, using films as primary sources that speak not only to a historical reality of their subject matter, but that also to the ideology and historical circumstances of the filmmaker and of Jewish life in the time and place the film was made.


On Literary Translation

Adriana X. Jacobs

Adriana X. Jacobs on her commitment to literary translation.


On the Pedagogic Uses of Literal Translation

Lawrence Rosenwald

Lawrence Rosenwald considers the uses and meanings of literal translation in the classroom.


לויט די לערערס | Teachers Weigh In: The Place of the Khurbn in Yiddish Language Classes

Sandra Chiritescu

The latest in our series in which we poll Yiddish studies instructors about a topic related to their teaching. This time, we want to know whether and how you introduce the topic of the Holocaust in your Yiddish language instruction.


Guidelines for Yiddish in Bibliographies: A Supplement to YIVO Transliteration

Isaac L. Bleaman

The purpose of this document is to fill some of the gaps in the YIVO system of transliteration for bibliographies.


Using Yiddish to Teach About German Antisemitism

Sonia Gollance

Nineteenth-century German attitudes toward Jewish speech are a powerful way to understand the pervasiveness and normalization of antisemitism in German society even at a time when genocide was unthinkable.


Teaching Guide to Jacob Glatstein’s Anti-Fascist Poem “Goblin Nogood Has Run Out of Clout” (trans. Shandler)

Mark I. West

Mark I. West offers suggestions for teaching Jacob Glatstein’s 1943 Anti-Fascist children’s poem.


Teaching Guide to Erotic Yiddish Poetry

Jessica Kirzane

This teaching guide offers suggestions and reflections from several scholars about teaching erotic Yiddish poetry.