Reflections on the teaching and learning of Yiddish, as well as downloadable guides, exercises, and lesson plans to use in the classroom.


Beyond Fiddler: Teaching Representations of Jewish Eastern Europe on Film

Sarah Ellen Zarrow

Sarah Zarrow discusses and reflects on her course “Representing Jewish Eastern Europe in Film” in which she asks students to think historically about the images of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, using films as primary sources that speak not only to a historical reality of their subject matter, but that also to the ideology and historical circumstances of the filmmaker and of Jewish life in the time and place the film was made.


Yiddish Film Activities for the Language Classroom: Teaching with Mamele

Rebecca Margolis

Using a short scene from the 1938 film Mamele (dir. Joseph Green, Konrad Tom), Rebecca Margolis demonstrates how short excerpts of Yiddish films can be used to address specific aspects of Yiddish dialect, grammar and idiom, and translation in the Yiddish language classroom.


Integrating Yiddish Materials in a Jewish Day School Environment

Jessica Kirzane

A discussion of how Feygi Zylberman, a middle school History and Jewish Studies teacher at a Progressive Jewish community day school in Melbourne, Australia, employs Yiddish in her classroom, with a worksheet to use alongside the divorce scene in the film Hester Street (1975).