Sasha Senderovich

University of Colorado, Boulder

Sasha Senderovich is Assistant Professor of Russian and Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has published on Russian Jewish writers David Bergelson and Isaac Babel, a critical introduction and notes to the English-language translation of Moyshe Kulbak's Soviet Yiddish novel The Zelmenyaners: A Family Saga (Yale University Press, 2013), as well as on contemporary Anglophone fiction by Russian Jewish émigré authors in the United States. He has also published a number of shorter essays and encyclopedia entries on Soviet post-Soviet cinema, and has also has also published journalism in Tablet Magazine, Lilith, The Forward, The New York Times, The New Republic, and The New Yorker’s Page-turner blog. He is currently at work on his first book manuscript, Seekers of Happiness: Mobility, Culture, and the Creation of the Soviet Jew, 1917-1939.



A Clan on the Move: A Zelmenyaner Family Tree

Sasha Senderovich and David Coons

How to make sense of a family saga that charts the very creation of the Soviet Jew: begin by making a family tree.

Texts & Translation


Harsh Judgment

David Bergelson

Translation by Sasha Senderovich and Harriet Murav

Mides hadin (1929) is one of David Bergelson’s most innovative and experimental works. An aura of mystery infuses the opening chapter: three riders go out on an evening patrol that seems more like dream than reality.