A. C. Weaver

Weaver is a playwright, actor, director, oral storyteller, Yiddish translator and union stagehand who lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. They are the co-artistic director of The People's Puppet Parade (a Yiddish processional theatre collective) and are currently translating and adapting Sholem Asch's drama "Shabbtai Tsvi" for immersive performance.



Reclaiming Aspects of the Jewish Past and Remixing Them: An Interview with Performance Artist Julie Weitz

A. C. Weaver and Julie Weitz

Weaver interviewed Julie Weitz about her ongoing Doikayt project: A series of ritualistic, improvisational performances at Jewish sites across Eastern Europe.

Texts & Translation

New Yiddish Poetry from the Israel-Gaza War

Zackary Sholem Berger, Tal Hever-Chybowski, Eli Sharfstein, Miriam Trinh, Refaat Alareer and Ber Kotlerman

Translation by Zackary Sholem Berger, A. Z. Foreman, David Forman, Jessica Kirzane and A. C. Weaver

A collection of recent Yiddish poetry published and performed in the wake of the war. 

Texts & Translation

צוויי לידער

Two Poems

Rokhl Kramf

Translation by A. C. Weaver

Poems from Volkns viln veynen by Rokhl Kramf.

Texts & Translation

פֿון לאַנד שװינדזוכט

From The Land of Consumption

Shloyme Gilbert

Translation by A. C. Weaver and David Weaver

Shloyme Gilbert’s haunting, atmospheric vignette based on his own experiences in a sanatorium.