How to Suppress Tea Arciszewska’s Writing: A Case Study

Sonia Gollance

Faith Jones’ analysis of the strategies used to suppress Yiddish women’s writing (based on Joanna Russ’s 1983 essay) help us understand the ways that Tea Arciszewska’s male contemporaries all too often belittled and dismissed her contributions.

Texts & Translation

אין צײַט פֿון פֿאַרנומענעם פּױלן

In Occupied Poland

Moyshe Aftergut

Translation by Shifra Epstein

A summary of the first pirem-shpil or “Purim play” written, produced and performed by Bobover Hasidim in the United States after the Second World War. 

Texts & Translation

חנניה, מישאל ועזריה בתוך כּבֿשן־האש

Ḥananiah, Mishael and Azariah in the Fiery Furnace (The Daniel-Shpil)

Translation by Shifra Epstein

A new translation of a purim-shpil performed by the Bobover Hasidim in New York in 1987 with audio and photographs of the performance offers a unique glimpse into contemporary hasidic culture.