Daniel Reiser

Zefat Academic College

Dr. Daniel Reiser is a senior lecturer in Zefat Academic College and Herzog Academic College. He specializes in Kabbalah, modern Mysticism and Hasidism. His book Vision as a Mirror: ImageryTechniques in Twentieth Century Jewish Mysticism (Los Angeles: Cherub-Press, 2014) was awarded the World Union of Jewish Studies Matanel Prize for the best book in Jewish Thought published during the years 2013-2014. His Hebrew translation to Abraham Joshua Heschel's Kotsk: In gerangel far emesdikayt was published on March 2015.



Kratsn in der linker peye: yidish, yidishkayt, un dos pintele yid: A special issue of In geveb on Religious Thought in Yiddish

Ariel Evan Mayse, Naomi Seidman, Marc Caplan and Daniel Reiser

An introduction from the editors of the special issue of In geveb on Religious Thought in Yiddish.

Text & Translation

מיקווה און מיצווה

Mikvah and Mitzvah: Melancholia and the Spiritual Life

R. Aaron of Karlin

Translation by Ariel Evan Mayse and Daniel Reiser

A Hasidic homily from the eighteenth century by R. Aaron of Karlin. The message is simple and speaks to the heart of Hasidic thought: sadness may have some limited utility, but depression is always a destructive force that inhibits spiritual growth.