A Different Type of Seminary: Priests, Cyclists, and Other Tourists Visit the Lublin Yeshiva

Wojciech Tworek

The preserved pages of the guest book of Lublin's renowned yeshiva tell us about the remarkable range of cyclists, Esperantists, local rabbinical students, Catholic seminary students, Hasidic rabbis, and Revisionist Zionists who all came to visit in the 1930s.

Texts & Translation

אַ ייִדישע היסטאָריקערין פֿון לובלין

A Jewish Historian from Lublin

Jacob Glatstein

Translation by Sunny Yudkoff and Saul Noam Zaritt

Jacob Glatstein reminisces about the spa town of Nałęczów and about Bella Mandelsberg, a young historian he met there.