Arturo Kerbel

Arturo Kerbel is a clinical psychologist (U Iberoamericana, Mexico), cognitive neuroscientist (UCL, King's College London), and lifelong Yiddish activist. He led a student group resisting the exclusion of Yiddish from the school curriculum, received a grant from the Abraham Golomb Fund at age 14, and from the Ashkenazi Community at age 16, to continue with the fight. He founded Idishe Shtub Mx, a group of young Yiddish activists offering lessons and other cultural activities. He is the current coordinator of Yiddish House London, an informal organization planning Yiddish trips for young people around Europe, Yiddish lessons, Jewish holiday celebrations, and outreach projects in Jewish communities in Lithuania and Belarus.



The Continent: Thoughts Toward the Space of Contemporary Yiddishism

Tamara Gleason Freidberg and Arturo Kerbel

Editing collected volumes of Yiddish writing during WWII, Melekh Ravitsh and Moyshe Rosenberg imagined a forum for the exchange of information, research, and ideas with the goal of developing strong ties between Jewish communities throughout the American continents.

Texts & Translation

אַ וואָרט פֿון דער רעדאַקציע

“A Word from the Editors”

Melekh Ravitsh and Moyshe Rosenberg

Translation by Tamara Gleason Freidberg and Arturo Kerbel

Intro to the 1941 anthology Der Kontinent.