Anastasiya Lyubas

Anastasiya Lyubas, PhD (Binghamton University, 2018) is the author of Blooming Spaces: The Collected Poetry, Prose, Critical Writing and Letters by Debora Vogel (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2020). The volume is the recipient of honorable mention for the Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for a Translation of a Literary Work from MLA (2021). Anastasiya is also the author of White Words: Essays, Letters, Reviews and Polemics by Debora Vogel published in Kyiv (2019). She has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Northrop Frye Centre for Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto, a Research Fellow at MLCRC at Ryerson University, a Max Weinreich Fellow at YIVO, a Translation Fellow at the Yiddish Book Center, and a Fulbright scholar.



Walking with Vogel: New Perspectives on Debora Vogel

Anna Elena Torres, Kathryn Hellerstein and Anastasiya Lyubas

This special issue invites you to walk with Debora Vogel as she maps the spaces of Jewish life through avant-garde forms. We bring together new perspectives on Vogel through poetry, visual art, translation, and scholarship, all in an attempt to follow the many lines of creative and critical inquiry that emerge from Vogel’s work.

Click here for a pdf of this article.


The Image of Streetwalkers in Itzik Manger’s and Debora Vogel’s Ballads

Ekaterina Kuznetsova and Anastasiya Lyubas

By considering the image of the streetwalker in Manger’s and Vogel’s work, this article deepens the understanding of Yiddish creativity as ultimately multimodal and interconnected.


Die Geometrie des Verzichts: Deborah Vogel’s poetry, essays, and letters in a new German translation and compilation

Anastasiya Lyubas

This volume, edited and translated by Anna Maja Misiak, is the first edition of Debora Vogel’s work in any language to include all of her prose and poetry.