Rebecca Margolis

University of Ottawa

Rebecca Margolis is an associate professor in the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where her course offerings include an intensive Yiddish language summer course. Her research interests center on the changing place of Yiddish during the last century, both in Canada and internationally. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters, she is the author of Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Culture in Montreal, 1905-1945. She is currently working on a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-funded book titled A Dying Language Lives: Yiddish Transmission in Canada after the Holocaust. She was organizer of the “Yiddish in the New Millennium: A Symposium on New Yiddish Language and Culture” (November 2016), and is editor of the forthcoming edited volume by the same title.



Yiddish Film Activities for the Language Classroom: Teaching with Mamele

Rebecca Margolis

Using a short scene from the 1938 film Mamele (dir. Joseph Green, Konrad Tom), Rebecca Margolis demonstrates how short excerpts of Yiddish films can be used to address specific aspects of Yiddish dialect, grammar and idiom, and translation in the Yiddish language classroom.


New Yiddish Film and the Transvernacular

Rebecca Margolis

The study of Yiddish cinema gets updated for the twenty-first century, Margolis explores how the language is being used in film in the last decade.