Fishl's Yiddish Group: An Interview with Assia Azenkot

Sarah Biskowitz and Assia Azenkot

Sarah Biskowitz interviews Assia Azenkot about Fishl's Yiddish Group.


A Google Calendar for Yiddish Teachers / אַ גוגל־קאַלענדאַר פֿאַר לערערס פֿון ייִדיש

Karo Wegner

A Yiddish instructor created a Google calendar with dates that are important for Yiddish language and literature and shares thoughts about how it can be useful for teaching.


Structure, Connection, and Real Joy: Studying Yiddish with Chronic Illness

Natasha Lipman

In this essay Natasha Lipman describes her journey of studying Yiddish while living with chronic illness.


Diary of a Yiddish Teacher During the Pandemic

Tanya Yakovleva

Despite the pandemic, Yiddish culture flourished online. Tanya Yakovleva describes her role as an online Yiddish teacher during this time.


Loz dos folk nor vern kliger, Let the People Then Become Smarter: Students Discuss Learning Yiddish during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sarah Biskowitz

For our Loyt di studentn series, Sarah Biskowitz polled Yiddish students around the globe about their experiences learning Yiddish and building community during the pandemic.