Announcing: A Focus on Children’s Literature

The Editors

From Miriam Udel’s landmark anthology of Yiddish children’s literature translated into English, Honey on the Page, to Arun Viswanath’s groundbreaking translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone into Yiddish, 2020 has been an exciting year for Yiddish children’s literature. Meanwhile 2021 promises to be just as interesting, with the advent of Kinder-Loshn Publications, a new imprint devoted to new translations, both into and out of Yiddish, as well as other publications on the horizon. What better time to reflect on this moment and take stock of these happy developments?

In that spirit, over the coming months, we plan to share a variety of interviews, blog posts and texts all centered around the topic of children’s literature. Children’s literature has always enjoyed been read and enjoyed by readers of all ages, and is also of particular interest to Yiddish language learners, so we know that the audience for these reflections will include but also extend far beyond In geveb’s youngest readers.

We have an interview with Ellen Cassedy on translating poetry for children, an open invitation to younger readers (aged 5–13) to send us their own book reports, as well as reviews, interviews, translations, and even an original story.

Stay tuned to find out more!

Editors, The. “Announcing: A Focus on Children’s Literature.” In geveb, November 2020:
Editors, The. “Announcing: A Focus on Children’s Literature.” In geveb (November 2020): Accessed Apr 15, 2021.


The Editors