Invitation to Participate: Yiddish Student Survey

Jonah Lubin

Whenever I meet another student of Yiddish, I am always fascinated to learn how they encountered this world. There are so many routes. Some come for the culture and stay for the language, or they come for the language and stay for the culture. Some are interested in Jewish studies and want to make sure they have covered all the relevant ground, and others are interested in Yiddish and Yiddish alone. Now that In geveb has a student intern (me), we thought it was time to broaden the scope of our pedagogy polls, which are usually reserved for instructors, to include students.

Regardless of the route you’ve taken, we would love to hear about it! Please fill out this questionnaire for students of Yiddish. If you are an instructor, we would deeply appreciate your distributing this to any students you think might be interested.

Lubin, Jonah. “Invitation to Participate: Yiddish Student Survey.” In geveb, March 2019:
Lubin, Jonah. “Invitation to Participate: Yiddish Student Survey.” In geveb (March 2019): Accessed May 09, 2021.


Jonah Lubin

Jonah Lubin is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, and the current Yiddish Fellow at the Yiddish Forward. In 2018-2020 he served as the the Editorial Intern for In geveb: A Journal of Yiddish Studies.