Tsum nayem yor: Welcome Back to In geveb!

The Editors

These past few weeks, while you’ve been sharpening your pencils, updating your syllabi, finishing off your summer reading lists, blowing your shofars, and getting ready to hail the New Year, we at In geveb have been gearing up for another year of some of the finest writing on Yiddish Studies the internet has to offer.

Lomir mekabl ponim zayn: New faces at In geveb

We’re excited to welcome this year several new - and already essential - members of our editorial team. Cassandra Euphrat Weston, our Managing Editor/Development Associate, is a PhD student in history and Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan. In addition to readying blog posts for publication, she’ll be working to bolster our financial stability as our publication continues to grow and flourish. LeiAnna Hamel, our Peer Review Associate, is a PhD Candidate in Slavic Languages and Literatures with a minor in Jewish Culture and Society at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She is working alongside our Peer Review editors, Sunny Yudkoff and Saul Noam Zaritt, to ensure the excellence of our academic articles and book reviews.

There have been other changes afoot behind-the-scenes at In geveb. Eitan Kensky, one of In geveb’s founding editors, has stepped down from his position as President of the Board of Directors. We are enormously grateful for all the work he has done over the years to establish our journal and keep it on sound footing. But have no fear! Eitan will remain a member of the board and Madeleine Cohen (formerly Translations Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Senior Editor, giving her the distinction of the In geveb-nik who has held the most positions within the journal) will take the reins as our esteemed and trusted President. We’re also pleased to announce the newest member of our Editorial Board, Sandra Chiritescu, a PhD candidate in Yiddish Studies at Columbia University, who is already supporting the work of In geveb through her upcoming contributions to the pedagogy section.

Geyen mir zalbetsveyt: We’re partnering with Vaybertaytsh!

We’re also happy to announce a new partnership with Vaybertaytsh: A Feminist Podcast in Yiddish. We will be serving as a fiscal conduit for Vaybertaytsh, and in recognition of this cooperative relationship we’re looking forward to publishing shared content and finding new ways to support each other’s work. You can expect to see the fruits of this new partnership in the coming months. (And speaking of podcasts, you can soon hear Founding Editor Saul Noam Zaritt and Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kirzane discussing In geveb this fall on the podcast Jewish History Matters).

Thanks to the strong leadership of the new and continuing members of our In geveb family (shout out especially to Translations Editor Daniel Kennedy, Assistant Editor Zeev Duckworth, Communications Editor and Operations Manager Miranda Cooper, Peer Review Editors Sunny Yudkoff and Saul Noam Zaritt, and Editor-in-Chief Jessica Kirzane), and most of all our incredible and growing community of contributors and readers, we have much to look forward to in the coming year! Beginning this week, you can expect to see fresh, innovative, and insightful academic articles, book reviews, and blog posts and pedagogy reflections from a wide range of voices and perspectives within Yiddish Studies. We’re still open to your submissions and pitches, so please send your work our way!

In particular, we’re pleased to announce a new series: Briv funem Arkhiv! We hope you’ll send us pictures of the surprising, touching and illuminating objects or letters you find in your research, along with a short narrative about their significance.

Shtitzt undz unter: Help In geveb thrive!

All of our publishing efforts would not be possible without our donors. In a time when cultural and scholarly labor is often underfunded or not funded at all, our goal has been to compensate the work of editors, bloggers, and translators to the best of our ability, especially early-career academics, contingent faculty, and independent scholars. We are grateful to the individual donors and charitable foundations that make this possible.

Please consider making a contribution to In geveb to support our work. As a token of our thanks, we are extending the deadline for the opportunity to win a giclée print and enlargement of a tapestry by textile artist Berit Engen (whose work was featured on In geveb earlier last year). If you donate $75 or more by October 31, 2019, OR if you sign up to make a recurring monthly donation you will be entered for a chance to win. If you are interested in making a similar in-kind donation to be raffled at a fundraising party or appeal, please let us know by writing to [email protected].

Finally, you’re invited to host an In geveb house party in your home or community! These events not only help raise funds for the journal, but they also build in-person community around Yiddish studies and In geveb. Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer to host or to help with a party. We’ll provide logistical support, all the information you need, and deep gratitude for your role in nurturing yidishkayt!

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The Editors