Summer Programs Roundup: So you DON’T want to learn Yiddish.

The Editors

Every year, In geveb publishes our annual round-up of Yiddish language and culture summer programs. But this year, we’re facing reality. Some of us don’t want to (or can’t) spend our summers memorizing converbs. Instead, we present The Other Yiddish Summer Round-Up: Yiddish Non-Programs for Aspiring Yiddishists.

  1. Any New York City subway platform on any day in July. You’ll experience the same all-encompassing humidity without shelling out YIVO program tuition.
  2. Nice, France. Sun, beaches, and if interrogated, you can claim to be seeking inspiration in the footsteps of Sholem Asch.
  3. An idyllic rural field, geographic location of your choosing; be sure to describe it as “shtetl-like” in your Instagram posts.
  4. The pool at the Hilton San Diego Waterfront, California. We heard the Yiddishists were congregating there at the AJS conference in December and suspect they haven’t left.
  5. Your office, where you are still responsible for producing work, and/or your living room couch, where you are caring for your children. (At least there’s Alter Karton and Roytinker.)
  6. Your local laundromat, where you can speak Yiddish to your heart’s content and the rumble of the dryers will drown out any mistakes.

The long and short of it is, we are proponents of Yiddish summer program doikayt: Wherever you live, there dwells a Yiddish speaker. Go, make a zumer program far zikh aleyn! What are you waiting for?

Editors, The. “Summer Programs Roundup: So you DON’T want to learn Yiddish..” In geveb, March 2020:
Editors, The. “Summer Programs Roundup: So you DON’T want to learn Yiddish..” In geveb (March 2020): Accessed Sep 28, 2022.


The Editors