Loyt di leyeners: Tell Us Your Thoughts!

The Editors

We, the In geveb editors, know what we think: In geveb is our favorite place to turn for academic articles, translations, pedagogical materials, reviews, and fresh takes on the Yiddish scene. But what matters more to us is what you think. What brings you to our site, and what keeps you coming back? What do you wish we published more of, and where can we improve?

The blog and pedagogy sections are our most nimble sections, meaning we have room to implement a range of different ideas in the coming year, so we’ve focused this survey on those sections. (We also love readers’ ideas for our peer review and translation sections! But they often take a little longer to put into practice.) Blog and pedagogy are also the sections that house our resources, like teaching guides and summer program roundups, designed to be as useful as possible to you. We want these sections to reflect our readers’ needs, desires, and dreams. If you’ve ever thought, “Wow, it’s too bad In geveb has never published about this…” or “I wish In geveb had a resource on this…,” now is your chance to change that!

We’ve put together a few questions for you to tell us how we’re doing. Responses are anonymous, unless you want to tell us who you are. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Editors, The. “Loyt di leyeners: Tell Us Your Thoughts!.” In geveb, December 2021:
Editors, The. “Loyt di leyeners: Tell Us Your Thoughts!.” In geveb (December 2021): Accessed May 19, 2024.


The Editors