In geveb’s 120 under 120

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Wel­come to In gevebs 120 under 120 list, our annu­al selec­tion of movers and shak­ers in the Yid­dish world — all of them under 120 years of age! 

Read on to meet the aca­d­e­mics, artists and activists who inspired us in 2019

Dr. Etiam Wicenhojzen

Dr. Wicenhojzen is know to us all for popularizing the theory that Yiddish originated in Polynesia as a fusion of Judeo-Inuit and relexified Basque. His latest monograph, The Jersusalem of Nunavut: Aspect Markers in Proto-Judeo-Altaic, is forthcoming from Createspace Press.

Marcus Domp

Currently pursuing a BA in block-chain dialectics at John State United University College State John, Marcus Domp speaks Yiddish to strangers he dials randomly on his vintage rotary telephone.
In his spare time Domp likes to curate extreme opinions about cheddar.

Prof. Lauren ipsum

Professor Emerita of Intersectional Eugenics at the University of West Uxbroom. Despite running a bimonthly Yiddish poetry circle, Ipsum believes that Yiddish is a degenerate argot, which must be destroyed at all costs. According to Ipsum: “Speaking Yiddish is an undeniable symptom of pathological self-hatred.”

Debbie Krolik

Feminist youTuber and tuber enthusiast. Krolik shot to fame with a popular series of Yiddish language video essays analysing root vegetables through a postcolonial feminist lens.

Isidor Lichtenshvayg

A veteran pedagogue and much-loved Yiddish teacher, Lichtenshvayg is a pioneer in the field of experimental philology. His accomplishments include the discovery of twelve new prepositions and the invention of a new letter, dray vovn.

He is currently at work building what he hopes will be the world’s first sub-ironic discourse particle accelerator.

Prof. Barb Gorvath

Culinary epistemologist and judge on the hit tv series Bagel Wars, Gorvath’s books include, Broth and Brotherhood and Boolean Bouillon.

Gorvath is the founder and CEO of the popular casual dining chain Hegel’s Bagels.

Jacqueline Cohen

Journalist, author, and public commentator, Cohen is the author of Was Moses an Antisemite? Yes, and so Are You! as well as a series of increasingly threatening emails to the Editors.

Elliot Sharper Jr.

Visual artist and son of significantly more notable and influential professors Sharper and Sharper, Sharper’s work has gained many accolades, but don’t take our word for it:

“I don’t get it.” — I. Lichtenshvayg

“Don’t talk to me about that vile, petty man” — Prof. B. Gorvath

Elena Hoffman

Born in the former West Bloc, Elena is currently working on an unsolicited monograph exploring the apocryphal erotic correspondence between August Bebel and Simon Dubnow.

She is lead vocalist and viola player for the band: Protokolle der betrunkenen Waschbären

Fred F. Mill

Chairman of the Birobidzhaner Chamber of Commerce and amateur dentist, Fred runs the local state-mandated semi-voluntary Yiddish-speaking theater ensemble.

Yes he has heard that joke.

Hodel Bloom-Ջորջ-O’Shea

A relative newcomer on the Yiddishist scene, Hodel rose to prominance when her poem, “Di shtrunes fun mayn neshome shrayen in der finsternish,” won second prize at the annual Kamp Kindervelt’s talent competition. A familiar face at “Yiddish Month” gatherings, Hodel is also fluent in Volapük.

Malcolm Marszmallow

Marszmallow has been accused of multiple counts of egregious Yiddishism and serial acts of aggravated narishkeyt. He has not responded to the Editors’ multiple requests for clarification.

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