Announcing In geveb’s New Subscription Model

The Editors

Tayere leyeners,

As our lives depend more than ever on online connections, we are honored and humbled that Yiddishists around the world have come to rely on our paywall-free digital resources. That’s why we decided it was high time to make a little money off of you. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that In geveb is debuting an exciting new paid subscription system for our Yiddish text.

In line with our values of not-totally-closed access, we have developed a tiered subscription model:

Tier 1: Just the Shtumer Alefs and Final Consonants

Look, you could pay the New York Times for Wordle, or you could pay us for this. Who do you think needs the money more?

Tier 2: No Vowels

You already know how to read texts that smudge the pasekhs and skip the pintlekh and all those other diacritical thingies. What’s a few more missing phonetic clues? After all, we’ve always thought Yiddish should be more like Hebrew.

Tier 3: Daytshmerish

Our most deluxe limited tier gives you more letters, not fewer. You get an hey, and you get a hey, and you get an hey!

Tier 4: Full Access

All the letters. Every single one. We can’t promise we proofread it, though. Budgets are still tight.

Thanks to our generous funders, we will also make available a small number of scholarships for full-access subscriptions, with a simple application process.

Graduate Students: Please submit your first book.

Contingent Faculty: Please submit three book manuscripts, at least 2.5 of which must have been published.

Yiddishists outside the academy: Please prove to us that you are the world’s foremost expert on the obscure Yiddish topic of your choice. This proof should take the form of a peer-reviewed article.

    We look forward to reviewing your applications. Turnaround will be between 2 and 2,000 weeks.

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    The Editors