Ruthie Abeliovich

Ruthie Abeliovich is assistant professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at Tel Aviv University. Abeliovich is the author of Possessed Voices: Aural Remains from Modernist Hebrew Theatre (SUNY 2019), finalist for the 2020 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award. She is co-editor of A Stage of Their Own: 7 American Feminist Plays (Hebrew), and co-editor of Borderlines: Essays on Maps and The Logic of Place (Sciendo, 2019). Abeliovich has published articles in the journals TDR, Theatre Journal, Performance-Research, Theatre Research International, Journal of Classical Sociology, and New Media & Society. In 2020 Abeliovich received a European Research Council (ERC) starting grant to pursue research on the popular Yiddish theatre (1880-1920).



Kol Nidre and the Making of the Jewish Theatre Audience

Ruthie Abeliovich

Focusing on Abraham M. Sharkansky’s 1896 play Kol nidre, oder di geheyme yidn in madrid (Kol Nidre, or the Secret Jews of Madrid), this article examines how, on both sides of the Atlantic, the Kol Nidre prayer performed in the Yiddish theatre reflected profound modern and migratory cultural transgressions, between categories such as high and low, religion and entertainment, the holy and the theatrical.


The DYBBUK Model: A New Yiddish Handwriting Text Recognition Tool

Ruthie Abeliovich

Yiddish researchers are training Transkribus, a cutting-edge digital platform for the transcription, automatic text detection, and enrichment of handwritten archival documents, to decipher Yiddish-language handwriting, which will facilitate and boost research into hidden treasure troves, rich in Jewish cultural heritage.