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New translations into English of Yiddish language materials including poetry, stories, essays, and archival materials of all kinds. Original Yiddish texts are presented in a standardized orthography and are fully searchable.

Texts & Translation

מיקווה און מיצווה

Mikvah and Mitzvah: Melancholia and the Spiritual Life

A Hasidic homi­ly from the eigh­teenth cen­tu­ry by R. Aaron of Kar­lin. The mes­sage is sim­ple and speaks to the heart of Hasidic thought: sad­ness may have some lim­it­ed util­i­ty, but depres­sion is always a destruc­tive force that inhibits spir­i­tu­al growth.

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חנניה, מישאל ועזריה בתוך כּבֿשן־האש

Ḥananiah, Mishael and Azariah in the Fiery Furnace (The Daniel-Shpil)

A new trans­la­tion of a purim-shpil per­formed by the Bobover Hasidim in New York in 1987 with audio and pho­tographs of the per­for­mance offers a unique glimpse into con­tem­po­rary hasidic culture. 

Texts & Translation

אין צײַט פֿון פֿאַרנומענעם פּױלן

In Occupied Poland

A sum­ma­ry of the first pirem-shpil or Purim play” writ­ten, pro­duced and per­formed by Bobover Hasidim in the Unit­ed States after the Sec­ond World War.