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New translations into English of Yiddish language materials including poetry, stories, essays, and archival materials of all kinds. Original Yiddish texts are presented in a standardized orthography and are fully searchable.

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װײַבעריקום טאַלאַנטיקום אײַנלײַטיגונגס

Womanistic Talentistic Introductionarium

A trans­la­tion of Froym-Leyb Volf­son’s satir­i­cal poem about women writers. 

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אַן אָפֿענער בריװ צו יענטע סערדאַצקי

An Open Letter to Yente Serdatsky

A trans­la­tion of Der lebe­dik­er’s satir­i­cal let­ter to Yente Serdatsky. 

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פֿראַדל שטאָק

Fradl Shtok

A trans­la­tion of Rokhl Auer­bach’s review of Fradl Shtok’s short sto­ry collection. 

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געשטאַלטן װאָס זוכן תּיקון: העלענאַ פֿראַנק

Figures in Need of Rehabilitation: Helena Frank

Aharon Varady pro­files the first Yid­dish-to-Eng­lish trans­la­tor, Hele­na Frank, draw­ing on archival sources and the trans­la­tion of a trib­ute by Jacob Glatstein. 

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אַ קוש

A Kiss

A trans­la­tion of Celia Drop­kin’s A kush.” 

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פֿאַרגעס נישט

Don't Forget

Shachar Pinsker trans­lates a har­row­ing sto­ry of a Jew­ish Holo­caust sur­vivor and Pal­mach sol­dier’s con­fronta­tion with a Pales­tin­ian Arab. 

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אַ נאַריש קינד

A Foolish Child

Mindy Liber­man trans­lates a sto­ry by Jacob Dine­zon about lit­tle Reyzele’s pan­ic over her moth­er’s labor.

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וְהָיָה הָעולָם

New Creation

A new Yid­dish poem by Ber Kotler­man, com­posed on Mot­sei Sim­chat Torah 5784, and trans­lat­ed by Jes­si­ca Kirzane. 

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יום־כּיפּור אין שול

Yom Kippur in Synagogue

Dov Green­wood trans­lates Avrom Liess­in’s haunt­ing poem about faith and fear on Yom Kippur.