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New translations into English of Yiddish language materials including poetry, stories, essays, and archival materials of all kinds. Original Yiddish texts are presented in a standardized orthography and are fully searchable.

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“אַלטמאָדיש“ און „דער ים„

"Old-Fashioned" and "The Sea"

Trans­la­tions of two poems by Yoy­sef Kerler 

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טעריטאָריאַליזם במזומן אָדער אויף באָרג

Territorialism: In Cash or on Credit?

Polit­i­cal the­o­rist and Yid­dishist Chaim Zhit­lowsky weighs the deferred promise of ter­ri­to­ri­al­ism against the needs of present. 

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טאַגעבוך פֿון אַן עלנטער מיידל אָדער: דער קאַמף קעגן פֿרײַער ליבע

Diary of a Lonely Girl or the Battle Against Free Love, Part 2

The con­tin­ued adven­tures of Miri­am Karpilove’s Lone­ly Girl” in a new trans­la­tion by Jes­si­ca Kirzane 

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Poems from Oasis

New trans­la­tions of six poems from Sutzkev­er’s 1960 col­lec­tion Oasis.

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רב דוד

Reb Dovid

A young woman strug­gles with her rela­tion­ship to her father and to her future as an old maid” in this new trans­la­tion of Jon­ah Rosen­feld’s story. 

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די שקלאַפֿערײַ אָדער די לײַב־אייגנשאַפֿט

Slavery or Serfdom

Dik’s intro­duc­tion to his 1868 trans­la­tion of Har­ri­et Beech­er Stowe’s nov­el, Uncle Tom’s Cab­in.

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חנניה, מישאל ועזריה בתוך כּבֿשן־האש

Ḥananiah, Mishael and Azariah in the Fiery Furnace (The Daniel-Shpil)

A new trans­la­tion of a purim-shpil per­formed by the Bobover Hasidim in New York in 1987 with audio and pho­tographs of the per­for­mance offers a unique glimpse into con­tem­po­rary hasidic culture. 

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Indecent Language, Sex, and Censorship in Literature

Pre­vi­ous­ly unpub­lished trans­la­tions of two essays by Bashe­vis on cen­sor­ship of lit­er­a­ture, pre­sent­ed in a new edit­ed ver­sion by David Stromberg. 

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ביאַליקס שיך

Bialik's Shoes

If Ḥayy­im Naḥ­man Bia­lik had left his slip­pers in your house, would you give them back? Read how Sholem Ale­ichem han­dled this problem.