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Savoring Honey on the Page: An interview with Illustrator Paula Cohen

Mar­garet Froth­ing­ham and Paula Cohen dis­cuss fire trucks, folk­tales, and oth­er con­sid­er­a­tions in Cohen’s illus­tra­tions for this new trea­sury of Yid­dish chil­dren’s stories.


In Search of “Berlin Grandfathers”: An Interview with Arndt Beck and Ella Ponizovsky-Bergelson

Eka­te­ri­na Kuznetso­va inter­views artists Arndt Beck and Ella Poni­zovsky-Bergel­son about their recent exhi­bi­tion of Yid­dish-relat­ed works in Berlin, Di far­bloyte fed­er | Berlin­er zeydes.”


Transmission: In geveb Pencils in/as Art!

Artist and In geveb sup­port­er Saman­tha Wood incor­po­rat­ed In geveb pen­cils into a work of art now on dis­play as part of an art show at The Art Gar­den in Shel­burne Falls, Mass.


Body of Language, Transforming the Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry: An Interview between David Shneer, Rob Adler Peckerar and Alexx Shilling

David Shneer inter­views Rob Adler Peck­er­ar and Alexx Shilling about their project to bring embod­ied artis­tic inter­pre­ta­tion to bear on a lin­guis­tic archive. 


"Himl un Erd: Artifacts, Imagination, and Speculative Russian Jewish Pasts and Futures"

Lipsker reviews Yev­geniy Fik­s’s exhi­bi­tion Himl un Erd, a project that bold­ly probes the con­nec­tions between Russ­ian-Jew­ish his­to­ry and the Sovi­et space-explo­ration projects. 


In Edenia, a City of the Future

Yev­geniy Fiks and Laris­sa Bab­ji invit­ed artists to engage with Kalman Zingman’s 1918 Yid­dish-lan­guage utopi­an novel­la In der tsukun­ft-shtot ede­nia (In Ede­nia, a City of the Future), pub­lished in Kharkiv, Ukraine. They dis­played the results in an exhi­bi­tion at Yer­milov Cen­ter in Kharkiv, Ukraine in June 2017. Here they dis­cuss the nov­el, the process that led to the exhi­bi­tion, and the polit­i­cal and social real­i­ties that their project sought to address.


Milgroym and Rimon, Fraternal Twins

A com­par­i­son of the Yid­dish jour­nal Mil­groym and its Hebrew coun­ter­part Rimon, both pub­lished in Berlin in the mid-1920s.