Essays and peer-reviewed scholarship in Yiddish Studies, an interdisciplinary field that engages all aspects of Yiddish cultural production, especially in its relationship to other cultures and languages.

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Nothing Backwards about the Forward's New Anthology

The new anthol­o­gy of sto­ries pub­lished in The For­ward has more than a few gems, Eileen Pol­lack reviews. 


Die Geometrie des Verzichts: Deborah Vogel's poetry, essays, and letters in a new German translation and compilation

This vol­ume, edit­ed and trans­lat­ed by Anna Maja Misi­ak, is the first edi­tion of Deb­o­ra Vogel’s work in any lan­guage to include all of her prose and poetry.


Sewn with the Tiniest of Pearls

Murphy’s trans­la­tions of Perl’s sto­ries allow us to appre­ci­ate an ever more col­or­ful can­vas of mod­ern Yid­dish literature.


New Resources for Studying Jewish Women's Lives in Early Modern Europe

Two new pub­li­ca­tions offer rich and engag­ing mate­r­i­al for the fur­ther explo­ration of Jew­ish life in ear­ly mod­ern Europe.


Walking with Vogel: New Perspectives on Debora Vogel

This spe­cial issue invites you to walk with Deb­o­ra Vogel as she maps the spaces of Jew­ish life through avant-garde forms. We bring togeth­er new per­spec­tives on Vogel through poet­ry, visu­al art, trans­la­tion, and schol­ar­ship, all in an attempt to fol­low the many lines of cre­ative and crit­i­cal inquiry that emerge from Vogel’s work.

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Review of Women Writing Jewish Modernity by Allison Schachter

Schachter calls us to think beyond the andro­cen­tric, to imag­ine and cre­ate an under­stand­ing of mod­ern Jew­ish lit­er­a­ture that places women at its center.


“Love is Death”: Judith: A Tale of Love and Woe

Judith is a nov­el about the mun­dan­i­ties of life and love that, as per­haps painful and unhealthy as they lat­er turn out to be, per­sist even as the world around us erupts into vio­lence, and that we car­ry with us halfway across the world and half a life­time away.


Review of From the Jewish Provinces by Fradl Shtok, translated by Jordan D. Finkin and Allison Schachter

From the Jew­ish Provinces is a valu­able and high­ly read­able addi­tion to Yid­dish lit­er­a­ture in translation.