Essays and peer-reviewed scholarship in Yiddish Studies, an interdisciplinary field that engages all aspects of Yiddish cultural production, especially in its relationship to other cultures and languages.

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A Double Dose of Early Twentieth-Century Yiddish Talush-hood: Two New Translations by Daniel Kennedy

In new trans­la­tions by Daniel Kennedy, Hersh Dovid Nomberg’s War­saw Sto­ries (White Goat Press) and Zal­man Shneour’s A Death: Notes of a Sui­cide (Wake­field Press) can right­ful­ly be labeled clas­sic”; they reach across time and space to name an eter­nal — and unro­man­tic — facet of human experience.


Labor, Love, and Life in Immigrant London

In this ground­break­ing study, Lachs draws upon often ignored doc­u­ments of pop­u­lar cul­ture (con­ven­tion­al­ly writ­ten off as shund by her pre­de­ces­sors) in order to paint a vivid pic­ture of work­ing class immi­grant Lon­don at the turn of the 20th century.


Review of A Rainbow Thread: An Anthology of Queer Jewish Texts From the First Century to 1969

Sienna’s book attempts to set the record straight (as it were) by bring­ing togeth­er and deeply anno­tat­ing 120 diverse Jew­ish texts that each shed some light on Jew­ish LGBTQ lives, Jew­ish his­to­ries of same-sex eroti­cism, and Jew­ish expe­ri­ences of gen­der transgression.


Post-philology in Old Yiddish Studies


Charlie, [gesturing to Fascist General Franco on screen] fucking swine isn’t he?

William Pim­lott reviews Gill Tofel­l’s Jews, Cin­e­ma and Pub­lic Life in Inter­war Britain and Alan Dein’s Music is the most beau­ti­ful lan­guage in the World: Yid­dish­er Jazz in London’s East End 1920s-1950s.


What Does Justice Mean, Decades Later?: Review of Ida Fink’s Der tish in Paris

Ri Turn­er reviews the World Pre­mière of Ida Fink’s Der tish in Paris.