Essays and peer-reviewed scholarship in Yiddish Studies, an interdisciplinary field that engages all aspects of Yiddish cultural production, especially in its relationship to other cultures and languages.

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Af der shvel un in der fremd: A feuilleton on Yiddish, Race, and the American Literary Imagination

Adam Zachary New­ton exam­ines the Amer­i­can Jew­ish lit­er­ary impulse to claim both white­ness and alien­ation while iden­ti­fy­ing with Black Americans. 


“This is How a Generation Grows”: Lynching as a Site of Ethical Loss in Opatoshu’s “Lintsheray”

What can Opatoshu’s con­tro­ver­sial sto­ry about a lynch­ing tell us about the com­plex Jew­ish encounter with Amer­i­can cul­ture and the poten­tial loss of an eth­i­cal tradition.


Yiddish Exceptionalism: Lynching, Race, and Racism in Opatoshu’s “Lintsheray”

How can Yid­dish describe the scene of a lynch­ing of a black man? Marc Caplan exam­ines the lan­guage strate­gies of Opatoshu’s Lintsher­ay.”


Rebellion and Creativity: Contextualizing Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “Author’s Note” to The Penitent

Bashe­vis Singer com­ments on his nar­ra­tor com­ment­ing on his char­ac­ters — and David Stromberg untan­gles the polypho­ny of the Nobel Prize win­ner’s fic­tion­al world.


The New Yiddish Dialectology: A Review of Alexander Beider's The Origins of Yiddish Dialects

Leyz­er Burko reviews Alexan­der Bei­der’s recent mon­u­men­tal vol­ume on the ori­gins of Yid­dish dialects.


The Small Talk of I. L. Peretz

In this peer-reviewed arti­cle, David Roskies explores Peret­z’s fond­ness for dia­logue to dis­cov­er the sound cham­ber of Pol­ish Jewry.


Weaving The Revolution: I. L. Peretz The Social Protest Writer

In this peer-reviewed arti­cle, Adi Mahalel fol­lows Peret­z’s search, through new lit­er­ary styles, for new forms of rev­o­lu­tion­ary politics.


Yiddish Science and the Postmodern

What is Yid­dish sci­ence and what does it have to say about the postmodern? 


“The Great Call of the Hour”: Hillel Zeitlin’s Yiddish Writings on Yavneh

An intro­duc­tion to the writ­ings by Hil­lel Zeitlin on the inten­tion­al, neo-Hasidic com­mu­ni­ty he tried to cre­ate in War­saw in the 1920s. 


Tradition, the Individual Talent, and Yiddish

What is the future of Yid­dish schol­ar­ship? An argu­ment for the poten­tial inno­v­a­tive role for Yid­dish stud­ies with­in the human­i­ties in general.