Special Issue

Tsilke the Wild

A serialized novel in translation by Zusman Segalovitsh


Speaking Through Shylock’s Lips: The Merchant of Venice on The Yiddish Stage

Eve Romm

Eve Romm traces the many approaches to resolving the problem of Shylock on the Yiddish stage, from apologetics to heroism.


Diary of a Yiddish Teacher During the Pandemic

Tanya Yakovleva

Despite the pandemic, Yiddish culture flourished online. Tanya Yakovleva describes her role as an online Yiddish teacher during this time.


Review of Strange Cocktail: Translation and the Making of Modern Hebrew Poetry by Adriana X. Jacobs

Shoshana Olidort

Jacobs (who, in addition to being a scholar of modern Hebrew literature, is also an accomplished translator and poet) offers a rethinking of the modern Hebrew canon as fundamentally shaped by what she calls a “translational poetics.”


Introduction: Yiddish and the Transnational in Latin America

Yitzhak Lewis

In studying Latin American (and indeed American continental) Yiddish culture, we need to appreciate the effects of encounter and interaction between these two well established transnational languages.


Review of Una historia del libro judío by Alejandro Dujovne

Rachelle Grossman

Tracing the development of editorial Jewish presses in Argentina from their infancy in 1910 through their postwar decline in the mid-1960s and 1970s, Dujovne uses book history as a lens to tell the story of Ashkenazi Jews in Argentina.

Texts & Translation

אַ וואָרט פֿון דער רעדאַקציע

“A Word from the Editors”

Melekh Ravitsh and Moyshe Rosenberg

Translation by Tamara Gleason Freidberg and Arturo Kerbel

Intro to the 1941 anthology Der Kontinent.


Briv funem arkhiv: Bundist Liebmann Hersch Visits Palestine

Elena Hoffenberg

From the collections of the University of Capetown, recently damaged by fire, an important document of Bundist history and a reminder of the global breadth - and precarity - of Yiddish archives.

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